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Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses - Don't let the Mobile App revolution pass by your business.
Mobile Apps for Small Businesses – Don’t let the Mobile App revolution pass by your business.
Don’t let the Mobile App revolution pass by your business. With over 355-million smart phones in use in the United States alone, (source: Ovum) and $38-billion in online sales projected from these devices in 2015, (source: Forrester Research.) Can you afford to not try and put your business in the pocket of each and every smart phone carrying customer who walk through your door?

All of our custom developed mobile apps for small businesses are 100% constructed on the Android, iOS, and HTML5 platfroms, and include your choice of over 40 features, your logo, and your color scheme. The finished look is up to you.

All apps feature our one-touch contact ability, where with the touch of a single button, your customer can call, email, or get directions to your location. Add in unlimited push notifications, Geo Based Notifications and a back end management system where you can control the entire operation and you have one of the most powerful small business tools on the market.

Ever thought about starting a customer loyalty program? How about having the ability to reward your best customers with special coupons and offers? We have you covered. Your mobile app will keep your current customers coming back time and time again, as well as give new customers an incentive to shop with you over your competitor.

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses Are Not As Expensive As You Might Think

Gone are the days of exorbitant development fees and development schedules that took months to complete. In most cases, your app will be developed and ready for publishing to Apple’s iTunes and the Android store in less than 21 days, and the cost is under $1,000.

In fact, if you sign up for a no fee/no commitment consultation during the month of May, or if you know what you want and are ready to have your small business mobile app built, you get 50% off your development costs.

If you would like to lock in this incredible discount on a world class product, please contact us today. Thank you.