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codingTheSTARFISHAlliance is dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses better utilize today’s technology (hardware or software) to do more: attract more customers, make more sales, and increase efficiency. We want to help you make this year your best year.

Any piece of modern technology (e.g. mobile phones, point of sale systems, computers, websites, apps) is a tool. However these are tools which, when properly implemented, make doing business and reaching customers a lot easier.

Could you run your business without an accounting package? Without a computer? Of course you can. But, do you really want to?

All of our tools are designed to make doing business easier.

  • Websites – we develop clean, modern, mobile responsive websites used to extend your sales hours to around the clock. From information-only sites to full blown e-commerce platforms, we have a solution to fit your business now and in the future. More web development information…
  • Mobile Apps – mobile apps help keep your business in your customer’s hand 24/7. Build customer loyalty through rewards programs, take orders or reservations, and even supply your customers with coupons. More mobile app information…
  • SMS (Texting) Platform – if mobile apps are a little too involved for your customer base, why not try out an SMS (small messaging system) or texting platform. Give your subscribed customers early notice of sales or events. Inexpensive to implement and you pay only for the messages sent. More SMS platform information…

If you haven’t adopted a mobile strategy for your business, now is the time. More people than ever are researching and making purchases using mobile devices. People all around the world are adopting smart devices at an astounding rate. This opens up more and more opportunities to engage in new ways –changing the way we interact, entertain, educate, and shop. This is expected to continue with 50 billion connected devices projected by 2020.

Don’t get left out. Let us help your business reach its full potential.