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SMS Features and Requirements


  • Create unlimited lists: List setup wizard makes creating new lists a snap.
  • Create unlimited keywords
  • Use local phone numbers for your campaigns
  • Toll Free numbers also available
  • Base send rate of 3,600 messages per hour
  • Add and remove campaign phone numbers
  • Multiple subscription methods
  • – Text to subscribe
  • – Call-to-Subscribe
  • – Subscribe via web form (Web subscription form works on about any website)
  • Voice Broadcast text-to-speech or pre-recorded messages
  • Works in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom
  • Limit broadcasts to a portion of a list (great for large lists)
  • Multiple reply options (new subscriber vs current subscriber, etc)
  • Easy unsubscribe methods
  • Ability to use dynamic expiration dates on offers in messages
  • Transfer callers to another number
  • Notifications on list activity for lead generation
  • Import and export lists
  • Schedule messages for delivery at a future time and date
  • Manage your campaign from any internet connection in the world

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Our SMS platform runs exclusively on the WordPress content management system, version 4.1 and later.