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SMS Uses

sms-bubble_200There are hundreds of ways you can use SMS to add to your business toolbox. Below are eight of our favorites and how some industries are using them.

  • News/Updates – Important and time sensitive customer updates can be sent directly to your opt-in client or customer using SMS. Send your customers updates about product launches, product updates or events. Consider a news text like a micro-newsletter with bite-size updates.
  • Emergency Notification – SMS is a great way to notify your group or team during an emergency. Send critical updates during inclement weather or natural disasters, and for last minute event location changes or just before your company’s all-hands meeting.
  • Promotions – Travel agents are sending texts to their customer databases to highlight special offers and promotions, which can be tailored to individual preferences. Send a message with a unique discount code for customers to redeem. The exclusive code creates incentive to stay on the list for future promotions.
  • Contests – Launch a text messaging contest to your database with a text-to-win campaign. Try sending out a follow up text about the winner of the contest so customers will continue to enter for upcoming contests.
  • Coupons – Use SMS coupons to give out specific coupons or coupon codes for a customer loyalty program. Also when coupled with in-store promotions, texting becomes a strong vehicle for small businesses with newer clientele.
  • Events – Implement a text messaging marketing strategy to promote weekly meetups or networking events. Send out key logistic information like changes of venue or detailed parking instructions.
  • Non-profits & Causes – In Spain on the eve of Election Day in 2004, demonstrations were banned 24 hours prior to an election. Instead, protested rallied via text messaging, utilizing the country’s 94% mobile phone penetration rate in Spain. Use SMS to rally volunteers who are mobile warriors supporting your next cause.
  • Lead Generation – Gyms worldwide are using mobile marketing to generate leads through stronger databases, send out new membership promotions and offer updates on new classes and class cancellations.